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The first time I saw Carolyn, we were at a singer songwriter conference.  She was presenting a workshop, Stop All This Folk.  I was entranced, enthralled, I couldn't get enough of her!  Flash forward to the networking event that night and you'll find me with sweaty palms, babbling to her about her amazing presentation.  We stayed in the lounge until well after closing, a night I never wanted to end.  I walked her to her room and as we were parting she leaned in so sweetly, kissed my cheek and said, until next time little one.  

I think we both felt the magic happening that night and during the funny timing of both arriving late to breakfast with only two chairs open (across the table from one another).  We made polite conversation with the others, but found our eyes locking every few minutes.  We spent the rest of the week together, loving, laughing and learning about one another and we haven't stopped!


I remember our first conversation like it was yesterday.  Jennifer was more excited than a school kid on recess.  Talking incessantly about how folk music is a trap for lesbian musicians, she'd say things like, we can all play guitar and write sing along love songs, but what about passion!  Yes, Jen, we need more than cowbell has been a mantra since our first meeting.  

My life is complete now that we have one another.  As a writing  and life partner, Jen is my twin flame.  Life is beautiful!